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Future Mobility Ideas

Future Mobility Ideas

Client: EXEON

Year: 2014 - 2024

In recent years, EXEON has delved deeply into the future of mobility, undertaking a broad array of conceptual transportation designs. Our projects have explored various categories, including land-based solutions like two-wheelers, scooters, three and small four-wheel vehicles, as well as sports cars and autonomous buses. This wide-ranging exploration showcases our commitment to enhancing urban and long-distance travel with innovative designs.

Our creative journey has also extended beyond the roads to the skies and seas, with concepts ranging from passenger air drones to small yachts, ferries, large ships, and even military vehicles. Each design initiative underscores our pursuit of diversity in transportation, aiming to revolutionize personal mobility, commercial logistics, and leisure travel with forward-thinking solutions.


Concept Design

Concept Engineering

Creative Explorations

Our Perspective

Working with clients whose needs are often defined by specific market and production requirements,

some of our creative ideas might not reach fruition. To continually nurture our imagination and pursue new directions within the broad spectrum of transportation, our team occasionally takes on more open-ended projects. These tasks, free from the stringent constraints of market demands, are centered on future possibilities. Such creative ventures into potential transportation methods also broaden our perspective for future commercial projects. Showcased in this section are sketches and concepts that range from one-off explorations of form to the outcomes of extensive deliberations on selected areas and visions for the future of transport. Michał Kracik - Head of Design

[1.0] Small Urban Vehicles


The rise of car-sharing demands vehicles tailored for shared use, blending flexibility with durability. Our design concepts focus on intuitive use and adequate performance, ensuring that shared vehicles can meet the diverse needs of users while contributing to a more sustainable, communal mobility landscape.

[2.0] Two-Wheelers


As sustainable micromobility evolves, two-wheelers prove to be central to transportation systems, often reinvented for commercial use in the rapidly changing urban landscape.

[3.0] Armored Vehicles

Navigating conflict zones demands vehicles that offer more than just protection.


Specific functional and technical solutions are paramount for transport in conflict zones. We've envisioned an armored vehicle concept designed to navigate harsh environmental conditions, paving the way for future commercial projects.

[4.0] Small Delivery Vehicles


The push for green urban zones has catapulted the demand for compact, efficient delivery solutions. We’re designing vehicles that navigate the narrowest city streets with ease, combining functionality with sustainability to meet the growing needs of modern, eco-conscious cities.

[5.0] Small Watercraft


In the electric transformation era, noise and emission restrictions are increasingly common in recreational water zones. Our innovative electric water transport forms stem from projects for various clients, navigating these new regulations.

[6.0] Speed motorcycles

Our hearts have always raced for motorcycles,


leading us down paths less concerned with utility and more with dreaming up visions akin to sci-fi movies. These imaginative explorations inspire more grounded future concepts.

[7.0] Three-Wheel Vehicles


Expanding the micromobility landscape, three and four-wheel vehicles offer new possibilities, especially appealing to those less experienced with two-wheel mobility, thanks to their stability and more practical design.

[8.0] Large Vessels


Exploring larger watercraft such as yachts and ferries demands a distinct approach, where understanding scale is crucial. Collaborating with Scandinavian Shipyards, we've been tasked with various design challenges.

[9.0] Sports Vehicles


In a realm where utility and cost-effectiveness reign, there’s still room for the exhilaration of sports vehicles. These designs not only stir emotions but also showcase the potential crossover of high-tech solutions to the mainstream.

[10] Autonomous Urban Vehicles


The anticipated future of autonomous transport, despite its controversies and technological hurdles, is a field we're actively exploring with our portfolio of autonomous vehicles, ready to tackle the evolving challenges of self-driving technology.

[11] Passenger Drones


Considering the densely populated, urban future, we're exploring transportation that transcends traditional roadways into the air, challenging us to design with new perspectives on movement and safety.

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