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Electric Scooter eOSA

Electric Scooter eOSA

Client: WFM sp. z o. o.

Year: 2020

Reviving the iconic WFM Osa from the late the mid 20th century. The eOSA electric scooter presents a modern reinterpretation of this Polish classic. The original model was the only scooter to be mass-produced in Poland and was greatly appreciated in both racing and lifestyle worlds.

For a new version, scooter’s design has been thoughtfully re designed, maintaining a connection to its heritage. A fresh styling approach adopts a minimal, product-design aesthetic, characteristic of today's electric vehicles, while maintaining its most distinct features.



A_Class Modelling

Indistrial Design

Design Research


Client's Feedback

“We are pleased that EXEON has approached

the new design of the eOsa with such enthusiasm and commitment. We look forward to continued active engagement in the creation of a product that will be well received by the modern consumer. For this reason, we have decided to trust you and leave the main design theme in the hands of EXEON Studio. We believe that as part of our cooperation, we will be able to develop a really good product." Włodzimierz Gąsiorek - CEO

[1.0]  Design Research


Shortly after releasing the vehicle to the market Osa was an instant hit. Polish scooter also successfully competed in races against its western competition. ... Read more According to legend, the name of the innovative vehicle was supposedly coined by Enrico Piaggio himself. When the prototype was presented to him, he exclaimed, "Sembra una vespa!" ("It looks like a wasp!) Because “vespa” in polish is “Osa”, such a name has accompanied the famous scooters to this day.

[2.0]  Concept development


The main challenge when approaching design classics, is to keep the spirit of the icon while proposing significant contemporary new features.

[3.0] Design Direction

Preserving the original character


The electric motor allowed us to streamline various components of the original chassis, leading to a more compact overall design while preserving the distinctive embossings. Creating the modern look also meant rethinking the lights using up-to-date slim LED lamps.

[4.0] Detailed Design


With the minimalistic approach to design, the details are key. By focusing on fine features we were able to introduce modern design elements.

[5.0] CAD Surface Modelling


Since the outer shell of the scooter is usually its most visible expression - high quality CAD surface modelling is a crucial step for reaching a desirable effect. Since one of the ways of maintaining the spirit of the original vehicle was to maintain ist surface dynamics and tensions while substantially reducing the overall volume - A-class modelling was essencial.

[6.0] Physical Mockup


To verify the quality of the surface design we have been working in parallel on the clay model of the main parts. This process was essential to validate the digital documentation.

[7.0] VR / MR Testing


Another step in the design process was to assess all the details using VR and the physical mockup. By combining these two techniques we were able to verify both ergonomics and aesthetics.

[8.0] CMF


The relevance of CMF in small vehicle design cannot be underestimated. Contrary to car design, when it comes to scooters almost everything is visible at first glance. As a personal companion it is important to provide users with the vast variety of options to meet their preferences.

[9.0] Realistic Visualizations


Computer rendering techniques are widely used within the industry. In the era of widespread artificially generated images it is important to master the skills of realistic product visualizations. With that approach we can control the final outcome in every tiniest detail.

[10] Showcase Design Sculpture


EICMA is the biggest motorcycle show in the World. As part of it's 2021 edition eOSA was a central part of EXEON's stand. As a design and engineering services studio we wanted to present the whole design process using different prototyping techniques as symbolic representations of various work stages. EICMA 2021 was also a first unveiling of the new eOSA design. ... Read more


Mateusz Muster
Roman Ignatowski
Michał Kracik
Michał Wujczak

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