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Client: Various Clients

Year: 2014 - 2024

EXEON has been at the forefront of pioneering experimental projects, focusing on the development of advanced vision systems and mechatronics for various applications. Our work with vision systems extends beyond conventional boundaries, exploring innovative applications in automation, safety, and efficiency, enhancing how machines perceive and interact with their environments.

Simultaneously, our engagement in mechatronics projects has allowed us to integrate mechanics, electronics, and computer science to create sophisticated systems. These initiatives span a wide range of applications, from industrial automation to consumer electronics, showcasing our ability to merge diverse technologies into cohesive, functional innovations that pave the way for future advancements.


Vision Systems



Experimental Projects

Our perspective

In our Innovation Lab, we take pride in pushing the boundaries of technology through our experimental work.

These sections below highlight a variety of projects that demonstrate our forward-thinking approach and showcase the specialized tools we've developed for testing innovative concepts. From enhancing machine perception to integrating complex systems, our work represents the cutting edge of practical and theoretical exploration. Each project is a step toward advancing what's possible in engineering and design. Join us as we unveil a peek into these intriguing developments. Mike Wujczak - Head of Engineering

[1.0] Concept Development


Considering the potential of technical solutions, the best method for their verification is the construction of rapid prototypes, for both mechanical and electronic components. Throughout the company's development, the ability for rapid prototyping has always been a key element in our work.

[2.0] Mechanical Integration


During the development of projects, every innovative idea must prove its practicality in the intended usage conditions. The ability to integrate individual mechanical modules into a complete product and conduct tests with users is another important aspect in the process of developing innovative products.

[3.0] Materials Testing

A crucial component of any project is the proper selection of materials and a good understanding of their properties.


Sometimes, the specifications available on paper do not reflect the material's behavior under specific working conditions for the intended application. The ability to fully understand the properties of individual components of larger systems has always given us an advantage in developing advanced solutions.

[4.0] Electronics Prototyping


Increasingly, electronics and software are becoming integral components of vehicles and other complex utility systems. From the outset of our activities, this has been one of the more critical skill aspects necessary for building interdisciplinary capabilities. The ability to prototype electronic components and develop the software managing them has often led us to truly innovative solutions.

[6.0] Vision Systems


In our pursuit of continuously expanding our skills and capabilities, we undertook increasingly challenging tasks that go beyond basic mechatronic solutions. For several projects, we delved into issues related to machine learning and vision systems, in one case developing an innovative solution for use in the medical industry.

[7.0] Testing Rigs

In many projects related to vehicle development, innovative concepts require specific tests that have the chance to confirm their value and capabilities.


To verify such hypotheses, we often built mechanized test rigs whose main task was to simulate the target working conditions while allowing for close observation of a given system's operation, its monitoring, detailed analyses, and making necessary adjustments where needed.

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